Infrared cameras from DCG Systems GmbH are implemented by a great variety of companies and institutes for non-destructive testing (NDT) of materials and devices.

The following selection of applications illustrates the multifaceted possibilites of infrared technology:

  • Joint Connections: Gluing, welding, soldering, riveting ... of metal, plastic, wood ...
  • Line Welds: weld seam length, connection quality, holes, incisions, pores, false friends ...
  • Spot Welds: diameter, connection quality (weld adhesives, false friends), ... 
  • Metal Surfaces: avoiding reflections
  • Delaminations: of composite materials, protective coatings ...
  • Stress Analysis: thermosensoric measurement of stress distribution
  • Gear Contact Pattern: precision of tooth faces, even during operation
  • Tightness: leak detection by visualisation of test gases

Even if you cannot find your application within this list you can benefit from the experience of our experts. 

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